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Eric May

Manager, ICS/OT Security
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

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With over 16 years of experience in the field, Eric has dedicated his career to safeguarding critical infrastructure integral to the manufacturing processes. His expertise lies in designing robust defense mechanisms for industrial control systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations, and orchestrating the harmony between efficiency and security.


Through collaboration and relationship building, Eric has passionately worked on bridging the gap between IT and OT, as well as technology and safety. He has  successfully implemented risk-based strategies across the petrochemical industry while continuously educating about the intersection of cyber and operational risk, emphasizing their convergence due to evolving cyber-physical threats.


By clearly defining and implementing robust processes, policies, and toolsets, Eric has  spent much of his career ensuring the safety and reliability of operations. These efforts contribute to the seamless flow of chemicals that shape our world.

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